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Breathe, move, grow 

Life is meant to be lived fully

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De-stressing is so much more than just sitting and relaxing. It is doing with passion what makes you happy. It's living with purpose and meaning so that you get an authentic connection with yourself and others. It is standing strong and confident because you know that everything you need is already here within you.

It's being free to be who you really are.    

We all deserve to live our dreams and we can do it! 

Whatever it is for you, the next level is closer than you think. You just need the right tools to reach it.

Your breath is the natural force that is within you, use it consciously and it will become your 'superpower'!

Are you ready for the next level?

Body, mind and breath

Feel good in your own skin. Be proud of your body. Relax and enjoy every moment with whoever you choose to. Loving yourself and your life. Body, mind and breath, these three elements are connected. Everyone has their own formula, a certain balance that brings you growth. 

Clarity, energy, freedom

A clear vision, a purpose and energy to go after it. That's all you need to go for your dreams. 

The formula to reach the next level is different for everyone. At Destress lab you'll learn different tools enabling you to put your own formula together. 

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Discover your super power


Breathe, Move, Grow

Change your thoughts, change your life

You're much more than you think

Being mentally fit enables you to turn all situations and circumstances into growth opportunities. Because it allows you to see and focus on the positive aspects no matter what.

When life throws you lemons, you make limonade

It doesn't mean that you live on a pink cloud. But when you experience difficulties in life, or when negative thoughts arise, you can bring the balance back to positive thinking. 

Do you recognize yourself in these sentences?

✓ Dreaming? I don't have time for this.
✓ My goals are unattainable.
✓ I can't complain, many people have it worse.
✓ Stress is part of life, you can't help it.
✓ I have no energy to go for my dreams/goals.
✓ I used to be creative, it seems to have gone now
✓ I've tried everything, it just doesn't work.


Are you ready for the next level? Let's get to it! 

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Michelle Point

President of the Balanced group

& Assistant Director Human Resources at Sofitel Legend The Grand

"Giving our ambassadors the tools to unwind and familiarize with mindfulness meditation was our goal to help them feel at their best.


Combining workshop, challenge & classes, Destress lab exceeded our expectations: creating awareness, inspiring motivation and encouraging practice.


We definetly recommend Destress lab!"

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