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Hi, I'm Sophie

Women, wife, mom, teacher, coach, financial manager... In everything I am and I do I want to be free to be ME and make my dreams come true. 


"Beauty begins when you decide to be yourself."

- Coco Chanel 

Discovering the power of my own breath and learning how to use it changed my life. Because our breath is a bridge between doing and being, conscious and subconscious, body and mind. Beautiful words right? Exactly what I thought at first. 


Well, the real life application of these words is very simple: the way we feel emotionally influences the way we breathe which in turn influences our health and body. And it works the other way around. 

Breathing consciously is a choice we all have. It's a superpower that gives you the freedom to change how you feel emotionally and your body follows. The more you do it, the easier it gets to notice in the moment what you need and,

breathe your way into it. 

Breathwork allowed me to balance my ADHD. I could finally turn it into a gift and stop believing it was a curse. Breath by breath becoming proud of who I really am, believing in myself and in my dreams. 

Whatever we dream of we can and we deserve to make it come true.

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Life is too short not to live it fully. We are all worthy of our dreams. We can do so much more than we think and believe! We all have the strength and ability to have the life we really want. It's all in us already.


My mission is to let everyone discover their natural inner 'super' power and help them grow their ability to use it with simple tools like Breathwork and Mental Fitness and physical movement. 

My goal is to empower you

to be FREE and BE who you ARE.


One of my big dreams is to open a Mental Fitness studio where everyone can access Breathwork, meditation, sound journeys, crystal workshops, to experience and discover different ways to restore our balance to positivity. And to turn this mental workout into a habit that allows freedom, strength and inner power to grow. 

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