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Sophie van Aanholt

If you had asked her 10 years ago to go meditate, Sophie would most probably have laughed! Sit? In silence? She thought it was impossible for her. Hyperactive and super energetic, sitting still just wasn't for her.


Fortunately, life brought her the opportunity to change her mind about this.


10 years ago she got a burn-out and it started her search for a way to slow down and release the stress of life.

A long story short

Long story short, after finishing her Vinyasa yoga teacher training, she wanted to go deeper into meditation. She then tried multiple types and styles. When she discovered the method of Unplug Meditation in Santa Monica, she was immediately sold. Simple and accessible. Finally she too, was able to sit and meditate.


She had since long recovered from her burn-out, but still, like most of us, she experienced a lot of stress in her life and started to sleep worse and worse. Day after day she became less and less happy and her patience, which was not her best quality to start with, was running out even faster. At home as well as at the office, she wasn't the person she wanted to be.


Always rushing the kids and not being able to enjoy the moment. Always running and never had enough time in a day. She was done with it and decided to do something about it.


She started to meditate daily, at first 5 minutes. She soon noticed change, she felt calmer and was able to sleep again! She also became sharper and less chaotic. Her good mood and patience came back!


Since then, meditation is part of her daily routine and her life has completely changed. Meditation has not made her perfect, but she feels relaxed, has a lot more patience and can enjoy the moment.


We cannot control time, but we can choose our thoughts and it changes how we feel and what we radiate.


She is passionate about sharing meditation and wants the whole world to experience the benefits of meditation. Everyone deserves to live a relaxed and happy life. This is how we make the world a more beautiful and a better place for everyone!

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